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Niche Marketing Global Profits

The Smartest Way To Create Multiple Blogs

Here you can listen to Andrew Hansen who developed the
Niche Empire Generator:

Niche Empire Generator is Here


How To Create Profitable Niche Blogs

This will seem a bit out of the blue but to be honest I can't believe I hadn't heard about this sooner myself...

Recently I've been in contact with a guy called Andrew Hansen. You might have heard of him as the guy from that report with the crazy name, Niche Marketing On CRACK...
If you hadn't heard, Andrew teaches a method of creating super profitable mini sites that revolves around the creation of ever SEO friendly but very specifically designed and researched Wordpress blogs...

On his page he has some testimonials that demonstrate how powerful these blogs really are... One of his students made over $700 in her first month with just ONE of these blogs that took just a few hours to create (that was before the new development I'm about to tell you of - now the same blog/mini site can be created in just 5 minutes.)
People who start in Niche Marketing often find that it can be hard to maintain and manage more than a few mini sites because updating the sites, managing them, and still having time to build more to grow the empire is too much of a task... but that's about to change.
May 9th saw the release of what I think is to be a revolutionary piece of software for Niche Marketers.
It is called Niche Empire Generator...

If you're thinking this program is another site generator you'd be hugely mistaken. As the name suggests this thing can actually give you the ability to build and manage a Niche Site EMPIRE, all from one single control panel.
What exactly do I mean by this?
Well, to give you an idea, owners of this software now have:
1. The power to be able to create profitable niche sites at light speed..(I'm talking within 5 minutes... if you saw the video you'll know what I mean)


This includes:
- Adding Adsense and affiliate links to your sites with the click of a button, no editing HTML code.
- Adding a theme or template that you want the blog to have, with one click.
- Adding CONTENT, to your site, any content you choose, formatted however you choose, with your chosen links automatically embedded.
- Adding and activating a bunch of wordpress plugins to ensure your blog is easy to navigate, super SEO friendly, social bookmarking benefiting, and much more, in fact with no clicks, all automatic...
- Submitting your sites RSS feedto RSS directories on the web for instant backlinks and exposure for your site.
- Automatically pinging the major ping services, helping your sites get ranked in the SE's faster.
2. The ability to have those sites frequently and automatically updated. You can select what content you want to be posted to the blog and WHEN it is to be posted, at any date in the future PLUS it will automatically assign intervals that you chose so you don't have to select a date each time.

3. It can do this for as MANY blogs as you create, running an empire of blogs for you automatically!
4. It manages each of your sites from a single control panel...If you want to change any feature of any site you have ever made, update anything manually, OR check where your site is ranking in the search engines (to know how much more work has to be done on it) you can also do so from a single control panel.
I could go on and on but I feel it would only shortchange what Andrew has done here.
If you are looking to increase your online income with minimal additional effort I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy of this software today.

Click the link below now, to witness Niche Empire Generator in action and learn more about how this new tool could easily add another stream of passive income to your online business:


To Your success,

P.S. I'm not sure what Andrew's doing with the price on this one but I know it's worth a hell of a lot more than what he's asking. I wouldn't be surprised if we see it jump up significantly in the next few days

Niche Empire Generator is Here


How To Make Money With Niche Marketing

If you have been trying to make money online for any substantial period of time you will probably have heard at least once that niche marketing is the way to do it.

There is good reason for this. Particularly as a newcomer, there is no point stepping into the arena of people with 10 times your experience and trying to sell online marketing products for example. Much smarter is it to focus on your own carefully selected niche market with far less competition and potential for easy profit.

But understanding the benefits of niche marketing and making a consistent income from it are two very separate things.

What does it take to make money from niche marketing? Here are a few answers.

1. You need the ability to find good niche markets - The quality of your niche market in terms of supply and demand present online can be the determining factor in you making $100 per month or $10 000 per month. The ability to hunt down high quality, highly profitable niche markets that are easily dominatable is one that is vital to your niche marketing success.

2. You need a precise and predictable plan to carry out in order to capitalize on the great niches when you find them. Whether it's selling info products or making content websites to promote affiliate programs, you need a system that you know works so when you find a great niche market, you know exactly the steps to take to start sucking the cash from that market immediately.

3. You need MANY sites. While it's possible to start profiting immediately from a single site, if you really want to make the kind of income you'd be proud of from your niche marketing, you're going to need a bunch of niche sites.

When I say 'have' a bunch of niche sites I mean have made, promoted and continually updated and managed a bunch of niche sites. This can be a tricky task and is the primary stumbling block of most niche marketers. To make a site here or there is easy, but managing an EMPIRE so to speak, requires alot of work.

4. Resources. Resources are the only thing that can take someone from an every day niche marketer to a phenomenal one. Fact is that you can't do it all yourself and there comes a point where you need either people, or software to help automate some of your niche marketing processes so you can continue to produce the same profitable result on a continually growing scale.

The truth is anyone can do it. Don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't take work because it does, but with a combination of the above 4 factors, the average niche marketer can attain the dream income they envision.

What Is A Niche Site Empire?

This month sees the release of yet another supposed, ingenious money making product for online marketers. That product is Andrew Hansen's Niche Empire Generator. This article will look at the merits of this new software and hopefully reach a decision regarding its effectiveness outside all the marketing hype.

For those of you who don't know, Niche Empire Generator is basically a program that will create profitable niche mini sites for you without you having to go through the manual aspects involved with doing it by hand. The software then allows you to manage the sites that you do create, supposedly keeping them updated with new content and allowing you to edit elements of each of them from within the main control panel.

The first thing I do know is that this software is based on solid principles. The theory it promotes of how to create profitable niche blog sites was laid out by Andrew in a recent report called Niche Marketing On Crack. The report seemed a little hypey but I was surprised to see it promoted by a number of very down to earth, no B.S marketers like Martin Avis and Phil Wiley who declared it a powerful system based on common sense marketing principles.

To fill in the blanks, this software is supposed to do what this report indicated, only allow you to do it 10 times faster and with a few bonus features.

Some of the bonus features I'm talking about is that it helps you promote your blog site as you create it. It does the basics like ping automatically with each post but it also does some work to submit your blogs RSS feed out across the web and integrates a nice feature to allow visitors to tag your sites in the social networks for increased viral traffic.

One caveat is that the software does not create content for you and you still have to obtain your own, whether it be by writing articles or by rewriting PLR content. The creator did combat this by providing a nice chunk of researched PLR content so that anyone can plug and play to get started making money with the program immediately.

To make a full review would take me a lot longer than this article will allow but from a non biased perspective I can say that if you're into niche marketing this new software is at least worth a good look.




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